Before Undertaking any Task

Prayer Before Undertaking Any Task


Almighty God, our help and refuge

Source of all wisdom and

Pillar of strength,

You know that without You I am powerless.

I firmly believe that apart from You I can do nothing.

Send Your grace to enable me to complete the task

I am about to undertake.

Help me to accomplish it faithfully and diligently

So that it may prove helpful to others and myself

and that it may bring glory to Your Holy Name.


Kind regards,



2 thoughts on “Before Undertaking any Task”

  1. Sandra Westerdahl

    Hi Angie, so many people who are doing great things, tell us to pray, express gratitude, meditate, or other things every day. When our ego gets in our way, things fall apart. Thank you for the lovely prayer.

    1. Sandra,

      Your considerate words are an encouragement. I think I should edit the post and add the Prayer Upon completion of a Task, as well. It wouldn’t make sense to ask Almighty God for help if we didn’t thank Him for the strength and guidance given to complete the task, as well.

      Kind regards,

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