Forty Percent is Wasted

Forty Percent is Wasted

So, as I was gathering ingredients to prepare tonight’s dinner, I came across peaches and lettuce that had spoiled in my refrigerator and made their way to my compost pile. It brought to mind the message that I came across on Save the Food  – “Forty Percent of all Food in America is Wasted.”   Yes, grocery stores and restaurants waste food, but we, the consumers, can do something about what we waste in our homes. It comes down to creating a meal plan before going to the grocery store to shop.

Create a Meal Plan

A digital tool like Meal Prep Mate, at your disposal makes the task of  planning meals and creating a shopping list lots of fun. It was on point with providing a shopping list of meal ingredients, recipes, storage tips, and how to use scraps. But, the icing on the cake, is that you’ll save money by not wasting food.

Calculate your Savings

Drag their slider to see how much you can save.   

The national campaign “Save the Food,” was launched by The Natural Resources Defense Council and the Ad Council in 2016.  Aside from saving time on meal planning and reducing food waste, you’ll save money. A family of four could save $1,500 yearly by reducing food waste.

 Extra Cash

So where do you stash extra cash? One safe place I considered was a high cash value whole life insurance policy. Even though the rich have been wisely using this vehicle for over 100 years, I still like to do my own research. For starters, I read a Free Chapter of Patrick Donahoe’s best selling book Heads I Win Tails You Lose. 

Comment on the ways that your prevent food waste and your use of the extra savings.

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