The Gift of Years

The Gift of Years

In 2019, one of my fifth grade students stated, “Ms. Elenis, you’re older than my grandmother!” My response was, “Yes, God has graciously granted me many years.”  Well, truth be told, I’ve lived many years, but haven’t finished growing up, yet. There are still so many ways to learn, grow and serve.

Life Expectancy

The Social Security Administration provides a Life Expectancy Calculator, that estimates the number of years a person is expected to live based on gender, date of birth, and information from their cohort of life expectancy tables. I love math, so for the fun of it, I created this graph that depicts my data from their calculator.

The blue sqaures are the months that I’ve lived. The white squares are, per the Life Expectancy Calculator, the estimated months that I have left to live.

But, everything is subject to God’s Holy Will.  So, the gift of each new day, sets me on a path to answer important questions, such as: What must I still learn? What do I need to pass on? What should I teach? How can I be of service?

My Journey

On this journey, I’ll share some of the answers to those questions as they pertain to making money online, affiliate marketing, life insurance, and related topics. Some of the posts will be about my experiences while other posts will be from the perspective of what I’ve learned from the experts.

Your Insights

I invite you to read some posts, figure out what works for you, and comment to enlighten others. I appreciate your insigths. Some of your decisions about the topics presented may impact you and your loved ones for decades to come. Join me on this journey and create your own multi-generational legacy.

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2 thoughts on “The Gift of Years”

  1. Hi Angela,
    Great to see you first post and I agree we are all learning. It is what we do with it that makes the difference. A favorite saying of mine is “To achieve maximum results we need to take massive action”

    I was interested like most to go to the Life Expectancy Calculator and was very pleased to learn I can make plans for Christmas 🙂

    Kind regards

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