Make Money Watching a Video

Make Money Watching Videos

Right, sounds too good to be true. So let’s test it out to determine if it is a viable way to make money online. Here we go into the world of website and app usability testing.  It sounds like an easy way to make money online.

Here is the scope. Companies want friendly websites and apps for their customers. They need people like you and me to help them identify any navigation problems or points of frustration from the user’s point of view that require remedy. So, the research companies pay you to complete a set of tasks, speak your thoughts aloud for the audio recording, and ask you to write a response to a few questions about your experience.

What can you earn?

On average, as a usability tester, you can earn around $10 for each test that you take. Each test should take about 20 minutes of your time. The number of testing opportunities you receive will depend on your demographics, rating of your testing performance, and accessibility to accessing the test.

How do you get started?

First,  select a testing usability service. But, like shopping at the grocery store, the vast number of choices can be confusing.  There are over 25 testing usability services; so, for starters, here are a few to consider:

I began my first user testing experience with TryMyUI.  in March 2019. The first thing you’ll have to do is install the usability testing service’s software on your computer and then complete a qualification test. You’ll be asked to perform tasks on the test website and talk about your experience, noting especially any areas of confusion, frustration, or annoyance. The developers want to understand your experience so they can improve the site.

Upon successful completion of the performance test, you’ll begin to receive email notices stating that “a new test fitting my demographics was available.” But, be advised that all eligible testers received the email, so the test will be taken by those who accept it first. Just wonderful, pressure to open the email first and accept the testing opportunity. Quick, open.

Testing Invitation

In a period of 10 weeks, I received 62 invitations to participate in a usability test. That would equate to an opportunity of earning $620 by providing my opinion about a website. Not bad. Sadly though, more often than not, I would respond to a testing invitation and receive the dreaded response, “Sorry, this test is no longer available. It was started by another tester.” Guess who didn’t open the email fast enough. Sometimes I would miss the opportunity by as little as 1 minute 40 seconds. On other occasions, after answering a few pre-screening questions, I would be advised that I wasn’t a match for the marketing research opportunity. Bummer.

When on a fluke, I was among the first to accept the testing opportunity, I simply performed a series of tasks on the test website or app and then talked about what I liked and disliked. That was fun, especially when my Paypal showed that I got paid.


In a period of 10 weeks, I completed 3 usability tests out of 62 presented opportunities.

I earned a grand total of $30 which was set aside for business expenses. Results for others will vary based on their demographics, testing score, and quick access to the testing invitation. I gather that one could improve their outcome by setting up email alerts. But, racing to open an email is not my forte.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for TryMyUI.

If you’ve had experience earning money by watching videos for any usability testing sites, kindly comment below and share your thoughts.

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